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Personalized Course and Career Counselling

Do you want to know more about the right University or destination country? Are you worried about the entry requirements? Whatever the concerns you have, we at Visions Education help our clients with the questions like this daily. We offer the right information about the selected destination, the top universities, programs, admissions, accommodations, and visa requirements

Test Preparation

We correctly guide and enable our students to achieve the desired results, aptitude, and entrance tests (IELTS, TOEFL and GRE, etc,).

Support During / After Graduation

We support our students while studying abroad by guiding them in the right direction while studying and even after completion of their studies.


We assist more than thousands of students annually with the right advice on studying abroad.


We offer student recruitment services:

We are steadily positioning our company to be the worldʼs leading adviser and counselling company on international education. With our proactive full-service approach, we ensure that all students are looked after carefully from the application stage to the course completion and continuing abroad studies.

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    It might seem too good to be true, but a scholarship is free money. It is not a loan—it is a sum of money that serves as a gift and does not need to be repaid (though some scholarships require students to maintain certain GPAs and meet other ongoing requirements). Agencies grant scholarships to students who meet certain parameters to help students meet the costs of higher education.



    Middlesex University, UK Min Pounds 1,000 to 50% scholarship
    University of South Wales, UK Up to Pounds 2,000 scholarship
    University of Sunderland, UK Pounds 1,500 scholarship & Free Accommodation
    University of York St John, UK Up to Pounds 1,500 scholarship
    University of Northumbria, UK Up to Pounds 2,000 scholarship
    Bangor University, UK Gold scholarship – Pounds 4,000
    Silver scholarship – Pounds 2,000
    Bedfordshire University, UK Up to Pounds 1,900 scholarship
    The University of West of England, Bristol Chancellor Scholarship – 50% of postgraduate tuition fees for One Academic Year View More Info.

    International Masters Scholarship – 50% – 2

    University of Chester International Students Scholarship up to Pounds 3,000
    University of Portsmouth Global Outreach – 10% fee reduction on your first year of study

    The Passport Bursary – gives 10% fee reduction for the first year of your study

    Swansea University International Students Scholarship up to Pounds 6,000
    Dundee University International Students Scholarship up to Pounds 5,000
    Ulster University International Students Scholarship up to Pounds 4,000 & Free Accommodations
    Dundee University International Students Scholarship up to Pounds 5,000